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Transform your Instagram profile into a captivating masterpiece that grabs attention in seconds!

Don’t let visitors slip away by solely focusing on individual posts. Take a step back and see the bigger picture by leveraging our powerful feed planner template. Rearrange and preview your grid with ease, ensuring your followers see your profile in the best possible way.

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Download the FREE feed planner template below and see the difference it can make. ⬇️

1. Access The FREE Template

After submitting this form with your information, you’ll have instant access to the Instagram feed template. Additionally, a copy of the template will be sent to your inbox within 10 minutes!

2. Use the Template in Your Account

When you get to this section, click on “Use template” to create a copy for your account.

Free Instagram Feed Template by Seolvit

3. Start Making it Unique!

Customize every aspect of the Instagram feed template. Modify the username, category, bio, link, and effortlessly move your images around by dragging and dropping them into the appropriate fields.

FREE Instagram Feed Template Example By Seolvit

If you need to replace an image, simply drag it to the desired square and watch it seamlessly take its place.

Congratulations! 🎉 You now have an amazing tool to preview your ideal profile at your fingertips.

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