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Success Story - United Plastic & Custom Plastic Fabrications

UPF acquired 60% of Tideman Boats US, a customer that came to the website through organic search that now added a 30% increase in Revenue for the company.


United Plastic Fabricating is a plastic fabrication company based in Massachusetts, Florida, and Wisconsin.

They are the leading company that makes water tanks for the fire industry. In 2021, due to the success of their plastic tanks, they decided to create an industrial division called Custom Plastic Fabrications.

That's when they found Monica Tuccella, the founder of Seolvit, to help market their industrial division and help grow their existing fire division.

The Challenge

United Plastic was well-established within the fire industry, but its industrial division was going to start from zero. We had to develop a strategy to help them enter a new market with new competitors and a new audience.

At the same time, we needed to leverage United Plastic's efforts to help its industrial division.

Therefore, we created a custom growth plan to help them grow their existing division and establish a presence in a new market with the industrial division.

The Solutions

The immediate solution was to re-design and optimize the existing United Plastic website and develop a website for Custom Plastic Fabrications.

First, we conducted in-depth keyword research for both companies. Additionally, we revamped all the website content for UPF and crafted the content for CPF from scratch. But before developing the Custom Plastic Fabrications website, we defined their buyer personas.

Although we did not develop those websites, we took the lead in creating and optimizing all the content for both sites as mentioned previously.

Additionally, after launching the Custom Plastic Fabrications website, we ran Google Ads campaigns to get some traction to the new website and create brand recognition.

The Results

We experienced early results for both websites. The Custom Plastic Fabrications website ranked on the first page of Google for more than ten keywords only three weeks after the website's launch. That's a milestone for our team, knowing new websites' challenges to rank at that speed.

Additionally, we increased United Plastic's website traffic by 300% and by 400% in conversions. On the Custom Plastic Fabrications side, we increased the traffic from 0 to 1000 and conversions from 0 to 500.

Because of the results, the company needed to hire more workers in their manufacturing facility to fulfill the orders. Therefore, we began an employment ad campaign to help them keep up with their fulfillment requests. The company hired +30 new workers across all their facilities with that campaign.

The ultimate result? The company acquired 60% of Tideman Boats US, a customer that came to the website through organic search that now added a 30% increase in Revenue for the company and helped them streamline their industrial results.

Success Story - Real Estate Juan C

Juan Cano became the go-to-real estate agent for the Hispanic community in the greater area of Bsoton, selling more than 30 houses in one year.


Real Estate Juan C is a top-performing real estate team based in Massachusetts, specializing in helping clients buy or sell investment properties in the Boston area.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the local market, their ultimate goal is to help clients create long-term wealth through real estate investments. However, in the face of rising mortgage rates and increased competition, the team was concerned about achieving their ambitious goals for 2022.

Fortunately, they found the perfect solution in Seolvit - a team of expert growth strategists who were ready to help them navigate the challenges and reach new heights.

Working closely with the Seolvit team, Real Estate Juan C underwent a comprehensive analysis of their existing marketing efforts, including their website, social media presence, and advertising campaigns.

From there, Seolvit developed a customized plan that addressed their specific needs and goals.

The Challenge

The company was mainly finding leads through mouth-to-mouth efforts, and they were working with another marketing agency that wasn't bringing them their desired results.

They had a website, but it didn't help them acquire new leads. Additionally, they ran ad campaigns, but the results were slow and didn't meet their expectations.

In fact, when they reached out to us, and we audited their website, we found more than 600 issues preventing them from ranking in search engines. But their main issue was the CMS where they had their website. The CMS they were using didn't allow them to make any optimizations intuitively, only by coding. Therefore, almost nothing was optimized.

We suggested migrating their website to WordPress, but it wasn't possible based on the CMS terms.

For this reason, the solution was to develop a brand new site in WordPress. However, results take some time in most true SEO stories involving brand-new sites.

Ultimately, we crafted a custom growth strategy plan to streamline results and help them achieve their goals.

The Solutions

With Real Estate Juan C, we were starting from zero. Therefore, we incorporated different growth strategies to achieve the desired results holistically.

Initially, we developed and optimized a brand-new website. We incorporated a real estate blog with valuable information for people looking to buy or sell a house.

Additionally, we started to run ad campaigns. In this way, we gained brand recognition and nurtured the audience to impact with sales advertisements.

To complement the ad campaigns, we implemented a social media strategy to continue to educate the audience and establish Juan as a referent in the industry.

Juan was published on multiple news sites, including BuzzFeed, MarketWatch, Disrupt Magazine, and MA Latino News.

Ultimately, to continue to nurture the audience, we implemented an email marketing campaign, including monthly newsletters and automations.

The Results

We have accomplished great results since the beginning. In fact, it took us only 90 days to rank Juan first in Google search results for over 75 keywords. Thus, causing an increase in their website traffic by 300% and pageviews by 560% compared to their previous website. Also, with more than 500 form submissions on the website.

Additionally, his Google Business Profile faced an increase of more than 87.8% in views accounting for 7.34k views in only three months. Our advertising campaigns acquired more than 300 leads at less than $3 per lead.

We've grown his mailing list by 500%, and our campaigns average a 40% open rate, which is way above the industry average of 19.17%. Also, we accomplished a click-through rate average of 15% compared to the industry average CTR of 1.7%.

The ultimate result? Juan sold more than 30 houses in one year compared to typical real estate agents who sell ten homes. But most importantly, we accomplished these results even when the conditions were not in our favor. With the high-interest rates, the average real estate agent sold eight houses instead of 10 in 2022.

As a result, Juan became a referent in the real estate industry in Massachusetts, and almost every Latino interested in purchasing or selling a home in the area of Boston knows about him.


This is what our clients are saying

Seolvit has been the best thing that has happened to our company. We have reached our audience through efficient and personalized ads. Now with our website and ad structure our lead generation has skyrocketed. The best part of working with Seolvit is the reduced amount of time and effort we need to put into our lead generation.
We couldn’t be happier!

Juan Cano CEO of Real Estate Juan C.

Working with Monica was a dream come true. She taught me so much about SEO and Digital Marketing. She helped me create two websites that rank #1 on Google for many keywords, resulting in quality leads for our products. She also introduced me to helpful Apps I use when writing copy and creating Social Media posts. I highly recommend her for any Marketing projects.

Karen Pramas Marketing Coordinator UPF

I would usually not write a compliment, but I have to give Monica my 2 thumbs up for constantly giving amazing consulting services to our office.
Being able to trust her to do the best job possible makes our lives that much easier. Monica is an expert in what she does and she will go above and beyond to create value for her clients.
We have seen over 10x growth.

Sarah Vanderpool CFO of Men's Health Boston

Monica is one of the most genuine and efficient people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her balanced outwardfacing client presentation skills with deep hands-on knowledge on a level not seen before. She always answers questions and her positive can-do spirit lifts the room and the team around her. Monica is super high integrity and is an expert at growth marketing consulting.

Thays Paiva Founder of Thaed

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